Light Forms - Lightplane 9 Hywire – LP9-HY
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Lightplane 9 Hywire

LP9-HY – 210 x 27 mm

  • Suspended
  • Wall
  • Linear
  • Downlights
  • Direct
  • Integral Driver
  • Integral Sensor Option
  • >100 LM/W Option

Lightplane 9 Hywire consists of two parallel aluminum channels approximately 210mm across. Gimbal ring downlights attach between the extrusions in a hardwired design. The minimal, 25mm frame is deal for display, retail, or low profile applications where point source and direct downlight is key. Non-conductive, stainless steel wall-to-wall cable mounting is ideal for areas where ceiling access is limited. Hywire units lay in a parallel configuration, between the cables. Multi-conductor power feed cables tie on to stainless cable, linking power from wall to individual Lightplane 9 units along span.

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