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‘Photonics is the key technology of the information age.’

OSRAM is a leading global high-tech photonics company with a history dating back more than 110 years. We had the opportunity to ask Osram’s UK Technical Director, Jason Ford, his thoughts on how Osram’s products are making contributions to the world of Internet of Things (IoT).

What can you tell us about the DALI PRO 2 IoT?

DALI Pro 2 builds on the highly successful DALI Pro range by simplifying the commissioning experience with a browser based drag-and-drop concept and also enhancing the overall system capability by improving internet connectivity and subsequent remote monitoring and analysis abilities. Additionally, the entire system is now DALI2 certified, further expanding the guaranteed compatibility with non-OSRAM DALI devices.

What are the advantages of the cloud connection?

The ability to interface via the cloud allows data to be uploaded to the cloud for enhanced functionality, meaning for instance that the system can be monitored from remote locations for system efficiency improvements and preventative maintenance optimisation. Further capabilities are possible as the entire data input network of the system (e.g. from sensors and LED drivers) can be analysed through the portal.

What can commercial building managers learn from smart lighting?

Feedback from the lighting system can provide useful information on energy savings actually achieved, incremental energy savings available and also data to assist with preventative maintenance tasks, such as anticipated driver lifetimes for scheduled replacement and also indications of high temperature conditions within luminaires that could be investigated. Analysis of occupation data can also provide insights into the actual usage of spaces within a building which may help optimise the use of the spaces, e.g. under utilised spaces could be re-purposed into more useful types.

What does the future of lighting IoT solutions look like?

Gradual increase in overall lighting system ‘intelligence’ drawing more types of data from the attached drivers and sensors to improve the possibilities for energy and maintenance monitoring and planning, as well as improving integration with other user-centric functions like circadian lighting / tuneable white based on the application and user preferences. Increased remote connection abilities.

Finally, have OSRAM got any exciting new products coming out that you can tell us about?

More Bluetooth mesh wireless components – sensors, push-button inputs and features like tuneable white, more lighting scenes and timer capabilities – as well as cross over converters between DALI and Bluetooth in both directions for hybrid wired and wireless systems.

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