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Tanuj - R&D Engineer, Light Forms India

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Masters in Mathematics, Tanuj handles the burgeoning R&D function at Light Forms. He can be found tinkering with anything from mechanical engineering and product design to running optical simulations, thermal modelling and led controls.

Having a keen interest in digital technology, he brings professional experience in leading the development of digital tools and platforms for Light Forms. In life and at work, he strives for fairness, creativity, autonomy, and sustainability. Outside of work, he enjoys the outdoors, reading footnotes and dad jokes.

1. Micro HB

It's a great product to accentuate sleek architectural elements - like baffles, and there's nothing more beautiful than a Direct/Indirect illuminated fixture at the width of a finger!

2. Lightplane 9

With the curvy option on the surrounding channel, this offers endless customisations - perfect for retail applications. We call this the Tesla fixture, as it's only this light what makes the Tesla cars look better!

3. Lightplane Round 3

Round profiles are often considered because they look beautiful - but this one also performs so well. I've seen it illuminate double height ceilings effectively and easily.

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