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Target Line

TGL – 74 x 44 mm / 64 x 64 mm / 74 x 44 mm

The Target Line is increasingly becoming a Light Forms classic. Many lighting design opportunities here. All the mounting options, including track. A huge range of LEDil optics (wide, narrow, black, chrome, white..). Integral control gear, in a very compact form. The Target Line can have integrated Linear LED, but the main feature with the Target Line is the precision Low Glare optics. These precision optics allow plenty of lumen range, in a Low Glare, compact package. The aesthetics and size of the Target Line mean its got the correct look and performance for all applications. Control gear is always integral, despite the compact form - and the full range of extras is available - sensors (CP, Simmtronic, Hytronik, Tridonic + Others), emergency, daylight harvesting, Casambi, Power over Ethernet (PoE) & many other integrated additions.

Spec Sheet