LP9 26 x 210mm

The Lightplane 9 (LP9) family of fixtures consists of two parallel aluminum channels approximately 9 inches across. Gimbal ring downlights attach between the extrusions in a hardwired design. The minimal, 25mm frame is deal for display, retail, or low profile applications where point source and direct downlight is key. Available in suspended, wall (horizontal or vertical) or Hywire configurations. For Photometry, download individual downlight file.

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RefMounting styleLengthCCTConfigurationsDelivered Lumens/TotalWatts/TotalDimmingLensFinish
LF28254Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each10287781-10V15° beamAluminium
LF28255Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each10287781-10V15° beamWhite
LF28256Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each10287781-10V15° beamBlack
LF28257Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each10287781-10V15° beamRAL
LF28258Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10605781-10V15° beamAluminium
LF28259Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10605781-10V15° beamWhite
LF28260Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10605781-10V15° beamBlack
LF28261Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10605781-10V15° beamRAL
LF28262Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9945781-10V24° beamAluminium
LF28263Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9945781-10V24° beamWhite
LF28264Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9945781-10V24° beamBlack
LF28265Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9945781-10V24° beamRAL
LF28266Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10251781-10V24° beamAluminium
LF28267Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10251781-10V24° beamWhite
LF28268Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10251781-10V24° beamBlack
LF28269Suspended1.2M4000K3 heads x 26W each10251781-10V24° beamRAL
LF28270Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9486781-10V38° beamAluminium
LF28271Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9486781-10V38° beamWhite
LF28272Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9486781-10V38° beamBlack
LF28273Suspended1.2M3000K3 heads x 26W each9486781-10V38° beamRAL

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