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The Target Line, a Light Forms classic, offers versatile lighting design with multiple mounting options, a wide range of LEDil optics, and compact integral control gear. Its standout feature is precision Low Glare optics, providing ample lumens in a compact package. With its appealing aesthetics and size, it suits various applications. Integral control gear and a comprehensive range of extras are included, such as sensors, emergency support, daylight harvesting, Casambi, Power over Ethernet, and more.

  • Full range of mounting options
  • Utilises LEDil Daisy Optics
  • Two different beam widths - Medium (50 Degree) and Wide (80 Degree)
  • Optic reflectors available as: black gloss, black matte, white and chrome).
  • Extremely low glare indices (UGR <17 approx.)
  • Individual fixture
  • Linear LED (white diffuse) available as integration
  • Wide lumen output range
  • Up to 170 lm/w
  • Prismatic diffuser and softening lens available for low UGR (UGR <19)
  • Appropriate product for WELL compliant designs
  • All LDT/IES files available on through configurator.
  • Tunable white and RGBW options
  • Integral control gear
  • DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V, DMX & phase control available
  • Dimming down to 0%
  • High quality of light thanks to <1% output ripple current
  • Full range of integrated sensors available (including DALI/DSI Digital Dimming and daylight harvesting)
  • Prismatic diffuser and lens also available
  • RAL + special powder coating, plates or acoustic finishes
  • Premium and standard LED Options
  • Extras and add on: integral emergency, Casambi & Power over Ethernet (PoE).
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