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Transforming and enriching architectural spaces

The design and creation of high-performance architectural lighting demands extraordinary attention to detail. There is no room for imprecision or error. These high standards are as important in our services as they are in our products.


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“Our ability to provide a full service from the moment pencil goes to paper, to a delivered, fully tailor-made solution really sets Light Forms apart.”

Paul Shoosmith
Paul Shoosmith
Light Forms


We want to get under the skin of your needs. Whether you have a clear vision or don’t know where to start our lighting experts are on hand to advise. A blank canvas is great; but we also thrive at optimising existing spaces.


Our products are designed to last. That means we will continue to support you during and after the installation of your luminaries. We’re committed to our products being everything you wanted.


One of the unique features of lighting is how it ties together aesthetic and performance. We can help you understand what type of light works best in your space and design a scheme that optimises the aesthetic and technical demands.


Our bread and butter is custom product design. We love collaborating with designers to help achieve their unique vision. Answering a bespoke request is in our DNA and forms the foundation of our success. Whatever your end product goal we can help make it a reality.

Project management

In entrusting Light Forms with your project we strive to be an extension of your team. We go above and beyond to keep our clients happy because we want to form lasting relationships that keep you coming back. We take huge pride in positive feedback and nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing the collective hard come together at the end.

Reuse, Renew, Recycle

With 20% of the world’s electricity used for lighting we take our responsibility towards sustainability seriously. As well as offsetting our Carbon emissions we are members of Lumicom (recycling) and are ISO 14001 certified (environmental policy). We are continually looking at ways to reduce our supply chain and environmental impact. New is not always better - we are passionate about using our expertise to reuse and bring a new life to existing products (ours or others).

Lighting that enhances atmospheres and brings architecture to life